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Code BA120610182: Antique 1905 Elgin Gold Filled 16 Size, 15 Jewels, Grade 305 Pocket Watch

This is a nice 16 Size (51mm in diameter) Elgin pocket watch dating from 1905, with GOLD FILLED case in full working order and keeping excellent time. This watch was recently serviced, which means, completely disassembled, cleaned, every part is checked thoroughly, reassembled, oiled, re-checked and adjusted for timekeeping. The full hunter case is Gold Filled all in excellent condition with minimal wear for its age. No dings or dents. It has a personal inscription on the dust cover. Inside back lid and dust cover, it is engraved KEYSTONE WATCH CASE with serial number 7401078. The case is three-hinged and all hinges are strong and all lids open and close as they should. When the push button is pressed the front lid springs open as it should. The face is white porcelain, with black Arabic numerals marking the hour. The dial is marked Elgin. It is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures. No hairlines or any kind of damage. Hands are original and in excellent condition. It has a glass crystal without chips or cracks. The three-finger type movement is in excellent condition. Its grade is 305. It is engraved ELGIN NATL. WATCH CO., USA, 15 JEWELS, Safety Pinion, with serial number 11841939, which dates this watch to 1905. It is running strong and keeps excellent time. For more information about this watch please connect to



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