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Victorian Sterling Silver Barker & Son Compass, London Hallmarks 1898


Pocket Barometer Thermometer Compass Compendium by BENETFINK & Co., c. 1880

Georgian Wooden English Sundial and Compass by Jones Holborn, London, c. 1820

Antique French Sundial Compass, c. 1900

STANLEY London Engraved Compass, c. 1915


Antique French Equinoctial Sundial and Compass for the American Market, c. 1900

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Lancashire Watch Co. - Prescot- 16 Size Hunter Gold Filled Pocket Watch, c. 1900

14K Solid Gold OMEGA Swiss Pocket Watch c. 1908

Silver Pair Case Verge Fusee Alarm Pocket Watch by Simon Mair of Neuburg, c. 1705


Mint Elgin 16S Railroad Pocket Watch 1954


Antique 1903 Elgin Gold Filled 16 Size, 17 Jewels, Grade 246 Pocket Watch


Solid Silver Hunter Swiss Pocket Watch, c. 1900


A little compass story ...

He was five years old when his eyes came across a little compass for the first time. He was playing in the open field far from the house, and the new discovery made him run to meet his father. It was a little open-faced compass with a small needle. At first, the boy thought it was a watch, but the strange movement of the single needle, which even him recognized that it was unusual in watches, intrigued him. He was running fast, clutching the compass so carefully in his hand, searching for his father. He not for the world wanted to risk loosing his new discovery. His father tried hard to explain its mechanism, but in vain. The knowledge of the surrounding world was too small for the boy to understand. Finally, his  father told him that a compass helps navigators find their way when they are lost. The intrigued boy felt a kind of magic in the air. He stopped listening and thought: 'I have a magic device, it is called a compass, what a magic word, ... compass ...'


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