The Boreal Arrow 

Code X17090205: TRU NORD Special Pin-On Compass for Humter, c. 1935

This is compass by a U.S. manufacturer located in Brainerd (Minnesota). It has a special design for hunters. It can be pinned onto a jacket's lapel. In this way, one can always keep an eye on it while hunting or hiking. The magnetic North pole is very near from places in the northern parts of the U.S. and in Canada so that a compass needle can strongly deviate (up to+/- 30 degrees) from the geographical i.e. 'true' north if you are in Alaska or New-Foundland. For this aim, the company TRU NORD offers an instrument already compensated for the region where it will be used and which already points to True North, hence the name of the company.(Source the Compass Museum). The compass is working properly and without any problem. It measure 28mm in diameter. It comes with another similar compass that was manufactured later. It is liquid filled and is in perfect working order as well.