The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA21021301: Antique German Gimballed Ships Compass by LUFFT, c. 1920

This is a nice original miniature gimballed ships compass dating from c. 1920, made by the famous LUFFT German company. It has a typically nautical style dial. The dial measures approximately 48 mm across. It is covered with a glass crystal free of chips or scratches. It is signed with the LUFFT logo on the glass crystal. More information about the company may be found here: The case is made of solid brass. It has gimbals around the compass body allowing it to swing in any direction. The brass case is in excellent condition. It has a lid with a special closing mechanism to secure it. The compass is working perfectly and points North without any problem and the gimbals allow it to swing freely. The compass has a diameter of 85 mm and is 48 mm high. It displays very well on a desk. This compass is very rare and would make a great add to any collection.