The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA20121201: Nautical Compass in Wood Box c. 1880

This is a nice nautical wood cased compass made in England around 1880. The case has brass hinges and two hooks to keep it closed. The case is in excellent condition for its age. It opens and closes as it should. It has a sticker on one side with handwritten numbers: 1262, 3. It has a flat glass crystal that covers the typically nautical dial depicting an anchor at North. The crystal is free of chips or scratches. The needle has a brass cap. It is half blue half silver in colour. The compass is in working order and finds North easily. It has a transit lock that freezes the needle when the lid is closed to avoid undue wear to the pivot under the needle of the compass. It measures 81 mm x 81 mm x 24 mm. Nice and rare compass that would make a great gift.