The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA20071121: U.S. Gauge Co. compass, c.1910

Compass 1:

Made by Gauge & Co., a U.S. Manufacturer created in 1904 in Sellersville (Pennsylvania), later located in New York, now part of AMETEK. The compass comes in a nickelled brass case in excellent condition without dents or dings. Only some little loss of plating. The compass has a quality flat needle with a jewelled brass cap. It has also a transit lock activated by turning the crown under the loop. The dial is marled U.S., GAUGE & CO, NY. The glass crystal covering the dial is in excellent condition without chips or scratches. In full working order and finding North without any problem. It has a diameter of about 50mm.

Compass 2:

Unmarked compass. Comes in a gun metal case. Flat needle with brass cap. Original plastic crystal in excellent condition without chips or scratches. Finding North without any problem. Measures approximately 50mm in diameter.

Price: 65US$

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