The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA20071108: Pre-WWI Iszard Warren U.S. Engineering Department Compass 1911

This is a Iszard Warren compass dating from 1911 and was used by the Engineering Department. In the USA there were three companies manufacturing compasses for the Eng. Department: Keuffel & Esser, Taylor and Iszard Warren. This compass has a nickel case still in very good condition. On the front lid it is engraved ENG. DEPT. USA 1911 with serial number 4205. The case is free of dings or dents. It has jewelled bearing, and a working transit lock. The face is stamped with Iszard Warren Co., PHILA.. When the button is pressed the lid springs open as it should. The hinge is strong. The glass crystal is clear without any scratches. In perfect working order and finds North without any problem. It measures 4.5cm diameter.