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Code BA18031801: Rare Gimballed Compass in Hunter Case, c. 1900

This is a rare compass probably made by Francis Barker & Son around 1900. The compass is housed in a hunter case made of oxidized metal and has gained a nice patina over age. The compass itself is suspended by two gimbals, which allow using it where it is not possible to keep it steady at the horizontal. Gimbals are usually used with compasses on board of ships to compensate the rocking movement of the ship. The case is in excellent condition and free of dings or dents. It has a strong hinge and the front lid springs open when the push button under the loop is pressed. Inside the lid it has the serial numbers 72, 81. The bezel of the inner compass must be pulled (raised) to make use of the compass and gimbals. When the compass is pushed back inside the case, the transit lock is activated automatically and freezes the dial of the compass to avoid undue wear to the pivot when the compass is not in use. The dial is a variation of the Singer's Patent dial and is in excellent condition. The gimbals allow the compass to swing smoothly and the compass is very accurate, finding North without any problem. The compass has 53 mm in diameter excluding the pendant and the ring. This is considered as rare and would make a great add to a serious collection.