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Code BA16122801: Antique c. 1870 Leather-Cased Gimbaled Singers Ships Compass by Frodsham & Keen, Liverpool

This is a nice miniature gimballed ships compass dating c. 1870. It has a Singer's Patent Mother-of-Pearl dial. The dial measures approximately 36mm across and is signed FRODSHAM & KEEN, LIVERPOOL. The inner case and gimbals are made of what seems to be a chromed metal. It has gimbals around the compass body allowing it to swing in any direction. No dings or dents to case or gimbals. The compass comes in a dark reddish leather box in excellent condition. The push button to open the case is present and the hinge is strong. The compass is working perfectly and finds North easily and precisely. The gimbals allow it to swing freely as they should. As seen in the pictures, there is a special system to the case in order to use the gimbals: The compass part must be raised to free the gimbals. When pushed down again, it will activate the transit lock which will freeze the dial when the compass is not in use. The inner metal case measures 54mm in diameter. The leather case has 65mm in diameter and approximately 29mm height. This is a rare compass that is still in excellent condition.