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Code BA16120602: Rare Louis Casella True North Symons Patent Leather-Cased Compass, c. 1870

This is a rare leather-cased compass made by Louis Casella around 1870. It comes in a Nickel case still in excellent condition. It has a Symons's Patent dial, which gave the name True North for this compass. The catalogue of Louis Casella from 1870 describes the True North as follow: "True North Compass (Symons's Patent). The magnetic north and geographical or true north differ considerably, the declination of the magnetic needle in England is now more than 18º, a circumstance often leading to error. This compass carries a corrected dial, which indicated unmistakably the true or geographical North. " (Ref. Compass Chronicles Book by Kornelia Takacs). The dial is clearly signed with maker's name L. Casella, London and also TRUE NORTH, Symons's Patent. It is in excellent condition and is covered with a glass crystal in flawless condition. The compass is housed in a leather-wooden case that is still in excellent condition with strong hinge and a hook to secure the lid closed. The interior of the case has blue velvet in excellent condition. The compass is precise and points North without any problem. It measures 36 mm in diameter excluding the pendant and ring. The external leather case measures 44 mm in diameter. This is a rare compass of the serious collector.