The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA15101101: Wooden English Sundial and Compass, c. 1870

This a nice English sundial compass dating from around 1870. The date can be determined from the magnetic declination, which indicates 21 degrees East. It is housed in a mahogany case still in excellent condition with a strong hinge and free of any damage. The hook is present and works fine to secure the lid when closed. The gnomon is silver in colour and must be unfolded to read the solar time on the circular ring in the center of the glass crystal that covers the compass. The compass has a flat needle and white dial in flawless condition. It points North without any problem. When the lid is closed the needle is locked in place to avoid undue wear when the compass/sundial is not in use. The size of this collectible is 72 mm square by 22 mm deep.