The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA15092202: Antique AITCHISON & Co. Compass, c. 1900

This is a nice hunter compass made by AITCHISON & Co. in the early 1900 The compass has a sturdy brass case, in excellent condition, with a nice patina. It is a "snap cover case" (no spring). The case is much thicker compared to a spring loaded case. The case is not marked. The compass has a dry card, a variant of the Singers Patent dial. The dial is in excellent in excellent condition and is signed: AITCHISON & Co. OPTICIANS To H. M. GOV'T LONDON & LEEDS. Inside the lid there is a sticker with instructions on how to keep this compass luminous in the dark. It reads: "To render this compass luminous at night, it should be exposed to the daylight, or preferably by burning 1/2 in. Magnesium Ribbon close to the dial".The beveled glass crystal is in excellent condition. No chips or scratches. It is in full working order and finds North easily. Has also a transit lock activated when the lid is closed. This is a nice and quality compass measuring approximately 47 mm in diameter not including the ring.