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Code BA15052902: Georgian Long-Neck Hallmarked Silver Compass by Thomas Blunt, 1793

This is a rare Georgian Long-Neck open-face Silver compass dating from 1793 and made by Thomas Blunt of London. Thomas Blunt ( (1760-1822) was apprenticed to Edward Nairne (1726-1806) in 1760 and became his partner from 1774 to 1793. During their partnership, they produced and distributed many optical and mathematical instruments, and apparatus for experiments on physical phenomena. Their trade name was Nairne & Blunt. Blunt also became Mathematical Instrument Maker to George III. The case is sterling silver with London 1793 silver hallmarks inside the back lid, which corresponds the same year when Nairne and Blunt ended their partnership. The case maker's initials T H (Thomas Harper I) are stamped in the middle of the silver hallmarks. The silver case is still in excellent condition without dings or dents. The bow has a very nice design typically used in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The same design was used on pocket watches of this era as well. The compass has a porcelain dial signed THOMAS BLUNT, LONDON. The transit lock can be activated by sliding a small lever on the back of the long neck. This compass has a sophisticated transit lock with hand-made pinned levers and springs. The dial is covered with its original glass crystal free of chips but shows some light scratches after all these years. The compass is precise and find North easily. This is a very rare compass measuring 40mm in diameter and 59mm from bottom to bow.