The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA1504051: Solid Silver Victorian Compass, Hallmarked London 1890

This is a extremely rare silver victorian compass made probably by Francis Barker & Son in 1890. The compass comes in a large solid silver case made by Thomas Wheeler with a full set of hallmarks for London 1890 including the makers initials T. W. It is also hallmarked on the pendant and the ring with the corresponding hallmarks. The case is in excellent condition without dings or dents. The mother-of-pearl dial is a real beauty and easily reflects nice colors as soon as it exposed to light. It is a very rare variation of the Singer's Patent dial with a part of the dial that is completely empty showing only the mother-of-pearl. The dial has a jeweled brass cap and rotates freely and finds North precisely and easily. The dial can be locked by turning the silver crown located under the ring a quarter turn. It must be turned counterclockwise to release the dial. The transit lock is a mechanism that protects and prevents undue wear to the pivot, and preserves the precision of the compass over the years. This is quite a large compass measuring 50mm in diameter excluding the pendant and the ring.