The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA150225727: Victorian Porcelain Dial Open-Face Compass, c. 1860

This is a nice Victorian compass made c.1860. It comes in gilt brass case the is still in excellent condition free of dings or dents. It has a porcelain dial similar to those used in the early 1800s. The dial is in excellent condition without chips or cracks. The quality bar needle has a brass jewelled cap and is very precise and points North without any problem. The dial is covered with a beveled glass crystal also in excellent condition without any chips or scratches. On the back under the neck, it has a small lever that can be used to lock the needle when the compass is carried. This avoids undue wear to the pivot when the compass is not in use. The diameter of the dial is 34mm. A nice compass that reflects the quality of its era.