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Code BA141220700: Negretti & Zambra London Wrist Compass, c. 1905

This is a rare and nice wrist compass dating from c. 1905. The case is free of dings and some loss to the original black color. It is marked Negretti & Zambra, London. The dial is a variant of the Singer patent. It is marked ENGLAND REG. 416645. The British National Archives (South-West London) gave the following information: "The design no. 416645 was published on page 1318 of the Official Journal of patents dated 30th September 1903, covering designs registered in the week ending 17th September 1903. The owners were Francis Barker & Son, of 12 Clerkenwell Rd, London WC" (text from the Compass Museum). This compass is very likely to be made by F. Barker & Son to be retailed by Negretti & Zambra. The dial is in excellent condition and retaining all its colors. The glass crystal is in excellent condition without chips or scratches. The red cross is completely intact. The floating dial points North easily and precisely. The transit lock can be activated by rotating the bezel clockwise to reduce friction on the pivot. The bezel must be rotated anti-clockwise to release the dial again. This is a nice example by a quality maker. Measures 38mm in diameter.