The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA140730606: SELSI Hunter Compass c. 1930

This is a nice compass named SELSI. SELSI was the name of a US based company that imported scientific instruments from Europe. It started in 1854 by two partners, Sussfeld and Lorsch. Later, Schimmel joined the company, which was incorporated in 1929 and was named SELSI (Sussfeld, Lorsch and Schimmel Inc.). This example is very similar to the Keussel & Esser model except for the dial, which has a different design. The shape of the case however, is very similar. The case is Nickel and free of dings or dents. By pushing the button under the loop, the front lid springs open as it should. It has a strong hinge. The transit lock is activated automatically when the lid is closed. The needle has a brass jewelled cap. The dial is made of silver coloured metal with English cardinal points. It is marked SELSI USA. The glass crystal that covers the dial is in excellent condition free of scratches or chips. The compass is accurate and points North without any problem. It measures 47mm in diameter.