The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA140702573: Singers Patent MOP Dial Marching Compass Captain F.B. Peile, c. 1885

This is a rare military marching compass dated c. 1885. It is very unusual since it has a Singer's Patent Mother-of-Pearl dial. The dial is in excellent condition and is marked "SINGER'S PATENT". The compass is precise and point North without any problem. The dial can be locked/released by acting on the push/pull button under the loop. The compass has also a magnifying prism for precise angles calculation (for target engagement).The case is brass and still in excellent condition without dings or dents. On the back it is engraved with its original owner name :"Captain F. P. Peile, P. W. O. GRENADIERS". This information was provided by its last owner: Frederick Babington Peile was a staff officer in the 102nd Prince of Wales’s Own Grenadiers, an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army. He participated in the Second Afghan War in 1880, and the Zhob Valley Expedition of 1884, among others. British military records indicate he was an Ensign in 1870, promoted to Lieutentant in 1878, and Captain in 1880. He attained the rank of Major in January, 1888. He retired from the service in 1902. The compass, then, was engraved between the dates 1880 and 1887, while he was a Captain. The P.W.O. stands for “Prince of Wales’s Own”…an honorary name bestowed on the regiment in the Bengal service.. It measures 55mm in diameter. This is a rare and unusual quality compass that would be nice add to any serious collection.