The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA140602545: Singers Patent MOP Dial Marching Compass, c. 1885

This is a rare military marching compass dated c. 1885. It is very unusual since it has a Singer's Patent Mother-of-Pearl dial. The dial is in excellent condition and is unmarked. The compass is precise and point North without any problem. The dial can be locked/released by acting on the push/pull button under the loop. The compass has also a magnifying prism for precise angles calculation (for target engagement). The case is brass and has normal signs of use. It has a small lid with a mirror inside and it can be rotated. On the back it is engraved :"The Royal Indian Engineering College, Session 1893-94, Prize for Workshop Practices, Awarded To D. W. M. Guffie, Student of the First Year". It measures 55mm in diameter. This is a rare and unusual quality compass that would be nice add to any serious collection.