The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA140520570: STANLEY LNODON Singer MOP Dial Compass, c. 1865

This is a mother-of-pearl dialed open-face compass by Stanley London made around 1865. It is a military compass and was issued for English officers in India since it carries the military arrow with letter I on the dial. It comes in a sturdy brass case that is in nice used condition. No damage, only some signs of use. The Singer's Patent dial is really beautiful. It is rare to see a mother-of-pearl dial that reflects such nice colors when exposed to light. I tried to show these colors with the pictures but my camera is not able to do them justice. The dial is clearly signed STANLEY LONDON. It has a jeweled brass cap and finds North easily and precisely. It can be locked by pushing the crown. To release it you have to pull the crown. The dial is covered with a thick glass crystal in excellent condition without scratches or chips. The diameter of the case is around 48mm.