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Code BA140507530: F. Barker & Son UNICUS Liquid Filled Compass, circa 1900

This is a liquid filled compass similar to the UNICUS model manufactured from 1890 to the early 1900 before adopting the smaller models later. It has exactly the size of the older UNICUS model except that this one has eight screws instead of ten. It measures however 53mm in diameter and has 20mm thickness when closed. The second special feature of this compass is that it is marked inside the lid: E. B. Meyrowitz Inc., NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS. Mr Emil Bruno Meyrowitz born on October 20, 1852 in Greifenhagen, Prussia during his career as optician the company has offices in London, New York and Paris. My interpretation is that this compass was a special order made by Barker to Meyrowitz. Another interesting feature is the Patent Number inscribed inside the compass bowl the contains the liquid. It says PAT. No. 11002/16. I do not have a complete list of Barker's Patent but if this is the UNICUS patent number, it would be dated to early 1900 or slightly before. Here are some examples of Barker patents numbers: 12777 in 1906, 14083 in 1913 and 14584 in 1915. This example has an oxidized hunter case free of dings or dents with some loss to the original colour on the back. The case has a strong hinge and the front lid springs open when the push button is pressed. The dial was typically used on the UNICUS model and has a red butterfly at North. The dial rotates smoothly and finds North without any problem. The dial is covered with a flat glass crystal free of chips or scratches. The compass comes in a small leather case in nice condition. This is a rare compass and would make a nice add to a serious collection.