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Code BA140506526: Large Victorian Leather-Cased Compass for HEMPLER Optician, Washington

This is a large Victorian compass made around 1880 and retailed by HEMPLER Optician in Washington. The compass has a brass gilt case in excellent condition free of dings or dents. It has a crown under the loop that must be turned counterclockwise to unlock the needle and clockwise to lock the needle when the compass is carried and not in use. It has a quality bar needle with a brass jewelled cap. The dial is very detailed and in excellent condition. The dial is covered with a flat glass crystal free of scratches and chips. It comes in a brown leather-wood case that is still in excellent condition for its age with a strong hinge.The hook is present to secure the lid closed. It has a sticker inside the lid with retailer name. It reads: HEMPLER, OPTICIAN, OOR 4 1/2, WASHINGTON, D.C., 453 PA. AVE. The compass finds North precisely. It measures 55mm in diameter excluding the pendant and ring. The leather case measures 70mm in diameter.