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Code BA131115512: Unusual Nautical Compass in Wood Box c. 1860

This is a rare and very unusual English nautical compass in wood case dating from around 1860. It is very unusual for it measures 18cm or 180mm square ! The dial of the compass measures 160mm in diameter. There are two pictures with a pocket size compass (4.8cm in diameter) placed on top of the this compass just to give an idea about the size ratio. So this is definitely not a pocket compass. The case is very well made, brass hinges and brass hook to keep the lid closed. The case is in excellent condition without any damage. The dial is very nice and has typical nautical design. The needle is silver in colour and is marked at North. It has a flat glass crystal that covers the dial. The crystal is in excellent condition without chips or scratches. It has a transit lock when the lid is closed. Very fine workmanship. The compass is in working order and finds North easily. This is a fairly rare compass and would be ideal to display on a desk or used on a ship.