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Code BA130821473: Late 1800s Baker Compass and Barometer owned by James Conway

This is a lot of instruments that belonged to James Conway and made by Charles Baker in the late 1800s. C. BAKER was a british instrument maker and was located at 244 High Holborn, London from 1851 to 1909. More information about this maker may be found here. It consists of two large instruments: a compass and a barometer each comes in a leather case. The compass is a Schmalcalder-type compass with a typical green floating dial. It comes in a gilt brass case that is still in excellent condition without dings or dents. The lid opens and closes as it should. All the features on this compass are present (the prism, lenses, sight, mirror, etc.). The green dial is clearly signed: BAKER, 244 HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. It is very precise and points North without any problem. The transit lock releases the dial when the sight is unfolded. The glass crystal is in flawless condition. The leather case is also in excellent condition and is clearly signed with owner's name: CONWAY JAMES. There are also two letters beneath the name: R. E. The compass is quite large and measures 76mm in diameter. The barometer is also in nice condition and comes in a gilt brass case. It is covered with a glass crystal in flawless condition. The dial is clean and numbered in inches of mercury. It is also signed BAKER, 244 HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. It is in working order and passed the air bag test. It is quite large with a diameter of 69mm and 30mm thickness. The barometer leather case is in excellent condition. We have in our possession a couple of other surveying instruments that belonged to James Conway. Since we are not experts in surveying instruments they are included in this lot but if you are interested, please ask for photos.