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Code BA130808337: Wood Cased Compass by STANLEY, LONDON, c. 1880

This is a rare wood cased compass made by STANLEY around 1880. The wood case is shiny and is in excellent condition for its age without any damage. It has a strong hinge and two hooks to secure the lid when the compass is not in use. When the lid is closed it activates the transit lock that locks the needle to avoid undue wear to the pivot. The compass has a nice dial graduated in degrees and numbered every 10 degrees counter-clockwise ! It is signed STANLEY, LONDON.  The flat needle has a brass cap, a white cross +  at the North tip and a S at the South tip. The compass is very precise and finds North without any problem. The compass is covered with a flat glass crystal in excellent condition without chips or scratches. It measures 76 x 76 x 22 mm. Very nice and quality compass by a quality maker.