The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA130713453: Negretti & Zambra London Leather-Cased Compass, c. 1900

This is an rare large compass made by the famous Negretti & Zambra firm in London around 1900.  It comes in a nice leather case without any kind of damage. It has a strong hinge and a button that must be pushed to open the case. The button is still covered with leather, which means that this compass was not used that much and was stored must of the time. The lid of the leather cased is marked NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA, LONDON, 45 CORNHILL & 122 REGENT ST., NOLBORM VIADUCT. The compass itself comes in a gilt metal case in mint condition without any dings, dents or scratches. The face is nice and has a raised chapter ring graduated every 5 degrees and numbered every 10 degrees. It is covered with a beveled glass crystal in excellent condition. I noticed a very small nick to the edge of the crystal but it is not that visible. Signed on dial Negretti & Zambra, London. The compass has a quality bar needle with jeweled brass cap and points North precisely and easily. It has a transit lock that can be activated by pushing the stem. You have to pull the stem again to release the needle. This is a large compass measuring 48 mm in diameter and is 18mm thick. The leather case measures 59mm in diameter. This is a beautiful and rare compass that would make a nice addition to any compass collector.