The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA13061693: Antique French Compendium by BARTESAGO , late 1800

This is a French compendium made in the late 1800s by BARTESAGO. It has a barometer on one side and a compass on the other side. The case is made of brass and still in very good condition without damage and with normal signs of use. Both instruments are covered with glass crystals in flawless condition. The barometer is in working condition and responds to the air bag test. The dial has silver color and is signed BARTESAGO, NICE & VICHY. It has a chapter ring to use the instrument as an altimeter. The ring can be rotated by turning the crown under the loop. The compass is also in working condition and points North without any problem. It has a raised chapter ring graduated in degrees and numbered every 20 degrees. The compendium has 47mm of diameter (excluding the pendant and the ring) and 23mm height.