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Code BA13042854: Early 1800s C. ESSEX & Co. LONDON, Wooden Compass and Sundial

This is a nice wooden pantochronometer (compass and sundial combination) dating from early 1800s and made by ESSEX & Co. of LONDON. The case is made of polished dark wood and is still in excellent condition without damage. The lid must be unscrewed (screwed) to open (close) the case. The dial is made of a kind of enamel and is still in excellent condition for its age. It is clearly signed with maker's name: ESSEX & Co. LONDON. There is also the inscription: Entered at Stationners Hall. The dial rotates freely and finds North without any problem. The dial is protected by a high domed glass crystal free of chips or scratches. Overall in excellent condition and measuring 63mm in diameter and 34mm height.