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Code BA12112551: Early 1900 English Compendium in Leather Case

This is a very unusual English compendium made around 1900. It has two instruments a barometer and a compass. The barometer comes in a gilt brass case and still in excellent condition without dings or dents. It has a clean dial marked Compensated. It is numbered in inches of mercury (from 23 to 31) and in feet (from 0 to 8000). It is marked with indications to weather changes (RAIN, CHANGE, FAIR). It has a rotating bezel that can be used as an altimeter. The barometer dial is covered with a glass crystal free of chips or scratches. The barometer is in working order and passed the air bag pressure test. The needle of the compass is installed on top of the barometer hand post. The dial allows reading the compass cardinal points. The compass is in working order and finds North. The compendium comes in a leather case with an opening on one side that allows reading the barometer and also the compass. It opens and closes as it should and does not present any damage. The compendium measures 48mm in diameter and the external leather case measures 60mm in diameter.