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Code BA12110537: Gorham Hallmarked Sterling Silver Cased Folding Cup with Compass, 1898

This is an unusual sterling silver cased collapsible cup fully hallmarked with a small compass inside the case. The case has Gorham silver hallmarks with a monogram to the back lid and the serial number 3955. The front lid has a small ring so it can be attached to a chain. The case is in excellent condition without dings or dents. It opens and closes as it should. It has a strong hinge marked with the digit 4 on each side. When the case is opened, it reveals a nice collapsible cup with five rings and a base. The cup is made of sterling silver a clearly hallmarked with Gorham marks dating this item to 1898. The cup is also marked with serial number A3955. The cup is mint condition and shows no dings, dents or scratches. Inside the front lid fixed a small compass with a jewelled needle that finds North easily and precisely. The compass is covered with a small bevelled glass crystal free of chips or scratches. The overall condition of this item is excellent. It measures 53mm in diameter and has a thickness of 27mm. The largest ring of the cup has a diameter of 47mm. The base has a diameter of 48mm. When fully folded the cup is 50mm high from base to top. When fully collapsed it is only 12mm high. This is a rare and unusual item that would make a perfect gift.