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Code BA12031444: Solid Silver Hunter Cased Compass, 1886

This is a rare compass made by Fanny Benjamin in 1886. The case is made of solid silver and has several silver hallmarks: The maker's initials are F.B., which correspond to Fanny Benjamin ( The lion mark indicates that it is Sterling Silver. It has a tight bow also marked with the lion mark. The letter L corresponds to the year 1886. It is also marked with digit 2. I took a picture of the inside of the case to show that it is also hallmarked for London 1886. There are hallmarks: inside the front lid, on the ring, and finally inside the case. The case is engine-turned is still in excellent condition with only normal signs of use. No damage. When the button is pushed the front lid springs open. Bevelled glass crystal is in excellent condition. The compass has a nice Singer floating dial made of Mother-of-Pearl. The dial has a jewelled brass cap. In full working order and finding North precisely, with strong hinge including the transit lock. Size 47mm in diameter excluding the ring. Quality and rare compass.