The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA12021235: 1861 Hallmarked Silver Nautical Leather-Cased Compass

This is a rare and beautiful hallmarked silver compass made in 1861. In comes in a nice solid silver case still in excellent condition without dings or dents. It is fully hallmarked for year 1861 in London. It bears the makers' initials which is the association of two makers whose initials are F B and R G. I searched the books and found several F B and R G but no information about such an association. The ring is also hallmarked with a Lion Passant. The compass has a floating dial with a nice nautical design. It is in excellent condition. The dial can be locked by pushing the button under the ring. You have to pull this button to release the dial and use the compass. This mechanism protects the pivot and the jeweled brass cap when the compass is not in use. It also prevents undue wear to the pivot. The compass is very precise and points North easily. It is housed in a leather case still in excellent condition without any damage. It has a strong hinge and a hook to secure the lid when closed. The leather case has blue velvet inside. Nice and rare compass. Measures 39mm in diameter. It is very thin (10mm thickness). The external leather case measures 49mm in diameter.