The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA11110636: Presentation Silver Hunter Compass, London 1908

This is a nice and rare Solid Silver compass made in London in 1908 by P. E. L. TD. This compass has a nice history for it was presented to R. C. de Crespigny from the 3rd Grenadier Guards in August 1914. There are few information on the web about Crespigny and also a photo here. It was engraved later M. L. T. THE LIFE GUARDS in DEC the 5th 1942. The compass silver case is in excellent condition without damage. Only normal signs of age. It has a strong hinge and opens and closes as it should. It has other Latin engravings: MENS SIBI CONSCIA RECTI (A mind conscious of its own rectitude) on the front lid and ARBOR FRUCTU CONGNOSCITUR (Tree can be recognized by its fruits) on the back (see pictures for details). The Singer floating dial  is made of mother of pearl and shows very nice colors when exposed to light. It has a jewelled brass cap at the center that rests on the pivot. The dial is covered with a flat glass crystal free of chips or scratches. The compass is in excellent working order and finding North very easily. The compass is very precise and can be used as a precision instrument. This compass is quite heavy weighing 98g (thick silver). It measures 51mm in diameter and has 20mm height. This is to be considered as rare and has great value for the serious collector.