The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA11061623: WWI Vintage F. DARTON & Co. 1917 Engraved Compass  

This is a nice WW1 military compass in full hunter nickel case. It is made by F. DARTON & Co., LONDON in 1917 (clearly marked on the case).  It is also marked with the military arrow /|\. The Dennison case is in excellent condition with solid hinge and springs open to a right angle when the button is pushed. It has serial number VI, 1095. Inside the front lid marked 103417 and the letter M. The glass has no scratches no chips. It has a nice Dennison dial. It has a transit lock to prevent wear to the pivot when the compass is not in use and the lid is closed. The compass is in excellent working order and finds North easily and precisely. Size 4.7 cm in diameter.



The case maker was Aaron Lufkin Dennison of Birmingham UK, he manufactured watch cases from late 1874 at 24 Villa Road, Handsworth UK. As part of the war effort he diversified into compass cases. He was originally the Managing Director of the American Waltham Watch Company in the USA, where he made the very first watch with interchangeable parts and produced watches of Railway quality. He was known as the Founding Father of the American Watch Making Industry.