The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA11031738: Birmingham England Ball Sterling Compass & Coin Holder, 1882

This is a very unusual item in the shape of a ball with a ring on top. The ball is made of STERLING SILVER and has several silver hallmarks: Stamped HBs in a rectangle, h in a circle (year date for 1882) Anchor (Birmingham) what appears to be a very worn left facing Lion Passant, and the Queen's Head. This is on the inside cover where the coin is placed. The cover for the compass is the same but I can not see the left facing Lion Passant. On the ring is what appears to be a left facing Lion. The ball has two lids. The first contains a compass and the second contains a coin holder. The case is still in excellent condition although it has few very small dings. The lid for the compass opens manually and there is a button under the loop the must be pushed to open the lid for the coin holder. Lids have strong hinges. The coin holder is in excellent condition. The compass has a mother-of-pearl SINGER dial still in excellent condition. The compass is in perfect working order and finds North without any problem. It is covered with flat beveled glass crystal free of chips or scratches. The ball measures about 52mm including the ring and 33mm in diameter.