The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA10071008: Photography Special Italian Compass, c. 1920

This is a nice antique compass made in Italy around 1920. It has a special feature that allows determining the best lighting positions to take pictures. The instructions are written on the back in Italian. Basically, if you point the S of the compass towards the object to be pictured and facing you, the needle of the compass will point to the best hour of the day to take a picture of the object in such a position. The hours are marked on the dial from 4AM to 8PM. You may also turn the compass until the needle points to the current hour (15:30 for instance as shown in the picture). You have to place the object so that the S of the compass is pointing to the object when taking the picture. The compass is working perfectly and points North without any problems. The glass crystal has no damage. The case is made of white metal and has accumulated marks of aging. Nice and rare compass that measures around 45mm in diameter.