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Code BA140803626: Mint 1930 16S Waltham Vanguard 23J Railroad Pocket Watch with Wind Indicator

This is a rare 16 Size (50mm in diameter) WALTHAM Vanguard pocket watch dating from 1930, with winding indicator. It comes in GOLD FILLED case and is in full working order and keeping excellent time. This watch is in virtually mint condition. The case is Gold Filled all in excellent condition without dents or dings. No brassing. Inside back lid engraved WALTHAM KEYSTONE J BOSS, 10K ROLLED GOLD FILLED with serial number 9561480. The threads on both covers function smoothly and close tightly and evenly, the bow is tight and pivots as it should. There is a scripted monogram on the back lid. The white enamel TRIPLE sunk dial features extra large black Arabic numerals, bold black minute hash marks and diamond shape 5 minute marks at the outer chapter, the seconds register is at the bottom and the up and down wind indicator register is at the top. It is signed Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels. It is in mint condition without any kind of damage. No hairlines. No crack or chips. The blue hands are original and in excellent condition. The glass crystal is in excellent condition without any scratches or chips. The damaskeened movement with checkerboard pattern in the center is in mint condition as well. It has gold centre wheel and gold jewel settings. It is engraved WALTHAM, VANGUARD U.S.A., 23 JEWELS, ADJUSTED 6 POSITIONS. It is also marked LOSSIER INNER TERMINAL HAIRSPRING on the ratchet wheel. The serial number is 27128751, which dates this watch to 1943. It has a lever setting mechanism at 11 o'clock. It has been professionally examined, cleaned, oiled and timed. It is running strong and keeps excellent time. More information about this watch may be found here: Everything about this timepiece brings up an image of a Railroad Conductor standing at his post, in his black suit and hat, with his black mustache, and glancing down at the exact time.

Price: 865US$ (Lay-by Plan Available)

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