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Code BA13033142: Ladies Swiss Pocket Watch, c. 1860

This is a vintage 37mm diameter SWISS ladies pocket watch dating from around 1860, with Solid Silver open face case in full working order and keeping excellent time. The watch is absolutely in pristine condition and very hard to find in such a condition. The case is made of Solid Silver and is highly engraved. It is in excellent condition for its age with nice floral design on the back lid and nice pattern on the side. It has several Swiss silver hallmarks as can be seen in the pictures. The silver grade is .935 (higher than the .925 Sterling Silver). The ring is also made of silver and has the Swiss silver hallmarks. The pendant is also hall marked. The maker's initials are J. G.  It has also a serial number 89411. All hinges are strong. All lids open and close as they should. When the button is pushed the back lid springs open and does not travel beyond the recommended 90 degrees. The dust cover has two holes. The one at the center allows to set the time with the key (included with the watch). The second hole is used to wind the watch. The face is white porcelain with black Roman numerals marking the hour.  It is highly decorated as can be seen in the pictures.  It is in excellent condition without any kind of damage. Gold hands are in excellent condition. The bevelled glass crystal is in excellent condition with no scratches or chips. The Cylinder movement is immaculate. It  is running strong and keeps perfect time. This is simply a very rare find for it was preserved in such a condition after all these years.