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Code BA08071309.2: Antique 1908 Waltham Stem Wind Lever Set Pocket Watch

This is a vintage 18 size WALTHAM pocket watch dating from 1908, with SILVEROID case in full working order and keeping excellent time. The case is SILVEROID all in excellent condition. Inside back lid engraved SILVEROID with serial number  318115. The face is white with black Roman numerals marking the hour. An inside center dial exists with black numbers marked in increments of 10 up to 60. The dial is in excellent condition without any damage. Hands are Waltham original and in excellent condition. The glass is in excellent condition without any scratches or chips. The movement is immaculate and very beautiful.  It is engraved AMERICAN WALTHAM WATCH CO., with serial number 17725018, which dates this watch to 1908. It is also marked  SAFETY PINION. It is running strong and keeps time. For more information about this watch please connect to and type the serial number of the movement. For the production date, please connect to