The Boreal Arrow

Special Offers




Boreal Arrow has also some special offers. They are free services offered to customers. 


Presently, we have two special offers:


Offer One 


With the Boreal Arrow you pay the shipping cost one time out of two (if applicable). Anytime you pay the shipping of a compass, we pay the shipping of the next compass you buy from the Boreal Arrow.



Offer Two


We offer to polish your compass for free. All our compasses are in their original state. Since they are at least 80 years old, the finish of the case might not be mint. Polishing the case will make the compass shine again as if it was new. Take a look at the images below to see the difference between a polished and unpolished case. Please let us know whether you prefer to see the marks of age on your compass or see it shiny and as new.


(Click on pictures for a larger view)


 Before                              After