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Code T06: Rare J. DECOUDUN Photography Compass, c. 1890

This a rare example of the DECOUDUN photography compass made around 1890. The maker of this compass is Jules Decoudun (born in 1843), who was a French engineer and inventor. This particular compass is designed to determine the perfect lighting conditions to take a picture of an object. Basically, by pointing the 'S' (Subject) to the object to photograph, the dial will indicate at which hour of the day the sun will be facing the object and which hours of the day will provide good side light to take a picture of the subject. The dial is marked with the hours of the day from 6 AM to 6 PM. MATIN stand for MORNING and SOIR stands for EVENING. More information about this compass may be found here: The compass is chrome plated. The compass is covered with a thick glass crystal all in excellent condition. It is working fine as it should. The compass measures around 31mm in diameter. This is an extremely rare compass for the serious collector.