The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA15100601: Antique Sterling Silver English Compendium by Oliver, Hallmarked 1879

This is a nice English compendium with three instruments: a compass, a barometer and a thermometer. It comes in a sterling silver case still in excellent condition and fully hallmarked for London, 1879. The compass can be separated form the barometer and used separately. The compass has a nice mother-of-pearl Singer's Patent dial in excellent condition. It is marked SINGER'S PATENT and is covered with glass crystal still in excellent condition. You have to slide a little knob in order to release the dial. The compass is in working order and finds North easily. The barometer is also in excellent condition with a clean dial marked Compensated. It is numbered in inches of mercury (from 23 to 31) and in feet (from 0 to 8000). The bezel can be rotated by turning the crown so that the barometer can be used as an altimeter. The barometer dial is covered with a glass crystal in excellent condition. The barometer is in working order, very sensitive and passed the air bag pressure test. The thermometer is located on the dial of the barometer. It reads temperature in Fahrenheit and is accurate. The instrument measures 50mm in diameter and has 25mm thickness. This is an absolutely beautiful instrument.