The Boreal Arrow 


This is for a nice old pocket barometer in its original leather case from the late 1800s by ROSS of LONDON. It is a compendium with two instruments: a barometer/altimeter and a thermometer. The leather case is in excellent condition with a strong hinge and a sprung button to open the lid and secure it when closed. Inside the leather case the silk lid has gilded facing lions logo and marked "Opticians by appointment to his majesty the king" and their address at Bond Street. The compendium comes in a gilt metal case with a rotating bezel for the use of the altimeter function. The case is free of dings or dents. The dial is numbered in inches of mercury (from 21 to 31) and in feet (from 0 to 10000). It gives indication to weather changes (RAIN, CHANGE, FAIR). It is also marked COMPENSATED. The dial is clearly signed by makers name: ROSS, LONDON. It is still in excellent condition and is covered with a glass crystal in excellent condition. The barometer is in full working order and has been tested with an air bag. The thermometer has a half-circle shape and is fixed to the dial. It is in excellent working order and gives correct temperature readings in Fahrenheit. The barometer measures 51mm in diameter and is 18mm thick. The leather case measures 79 x 62 x 31mm.