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Code BA140709586: Boy Scouts of America Compass, 1918

This is a rare Boy Scouts of America (BSA) compass dating from 1918 made by Taylor in New York. The case is Nickel free of dings but has loss to its original green paint. Inside the front lid it is marked SWISS. It has a strong hinge and the push button is working perfectly. The dial is marked Boy Scouts of America, Headquarters New York City. It is also marked with the Boy Scouts logo and moto: BE PREPARED. At the edge of the dial it is marked Pat. Jan. 8, 1918 Taylor - Rochester N. Y., U.S.A.. It has a jeweled capped needle, which finds magnetic North easily. The transit lock is also functioning and would freeze the needle when the lid is closed and the compass is not in use. Very nice and rare compass. Diameter is 4.5cm.