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Code BA131018504: German Conpendium by LUFFT, c. 1880

This is a rare German compendium made by the famous instrument maker LUFFT.

LUFFT STUTTGART MANUFACTURER: Gotthilf Lufft (1848-1921) was in his younger years a technical assistant at the Polytechnikum in Stuttgart. He was responsible for the preparation of scientific experiments and maintenance of instruments and equipement. In 1873 he bought an optician shop in Stuttgart, w he started the manufacturing of aneroid barometers. Germany imported up to that date such barometers from France. The work shop became too small, after which he founded in 1881 the "Mech. Werkstatt G. Lufft" w aneroid barometers, compasses, hygrometers and other meteorological instruments w manufactured. In 1891 he moved his business to a new and bigger location in Stuttgart. Gotthilf Lufft was a real entrepreneur, always looking for new business. Together with the Nagel brothers he founded the "Contessa-Camera-Werke" which manufactured camaras. In 1926 they merged with C.P. Goerz and eight other camera producers to "ZEISS-IKON AG". On 23.05.1921 Gotthilf Lufft died. After WW I, the son of law of Gotthilf Lufft, Dr. Richard Maller-Lufft (1869-1944) was responsible for rebuilding the company. After having been active in France also by the acquisition of "Etablissements E. Hüe in Paris" up to 1939, all activities were concentrated in the pre-WW II period in Stuttgart. During WW II large numbers of aneroid barometers were produced. After WW II the company was rebuild again by Dipl. Ing. Erich Maller-Lufft. High quality and high quality were the key words for the products Lufft made. In 1986 the production of mechanical aneroid barometers was ended. Nowadays Lufft is one of the leading companies in the field of climatological measuring technologies.

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This example contains three instruments: a compass, a barometer and a thermometer. I would place its manufacture date around 1880. It comes in a nice leather case that is still in excellent condition. Hinges are strong in their original condition. There are two buttons when pushed allow opening two lids for the compass/thermometer and for the barometer .

The compass has a mother of pearl floating dial with very nice colors. It is very precise and points North without any problem. The dial can be locked by rotating the bezel. The glass crystal that covers the compass is in flawless condition. The thermometer is in working order and reads the correct temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The barometer is also in nice condition. It also comes with a rotating bezel for the use of the altimeter function. It is marked COMPENSATED, Serial Number: 10556, with the LUFFT logo. The case is gilt brass and still in nice condition without dings or dents. It shows normal signs of wear to the gilt. The barometer is working and has been tested with an air bag. It measures 50mm in diameter. The external leather case measures 75mm x 65mm x 38mm.