The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA13061791: Late 1800s French Surveying Compass

This is a nice French surveying compass that comes in a leather case. I would date this compass from late 1800s. It is in full working order. The compass is housed in a nice brass case still in excellent condition without dings or dents. It is left unpolished to preserve the nice patina that formed after more than 100 years. The dial is made of metal and has silver color. The dial is covered with flat glass crystal free of chips or scratches. The quality bar needle is silver and blue in color. It has a jewelled brass cap. The compass has also a clinometer function with a nice hand to this end. There is also a tractable lever on the side that can be used to display the compass vertically and use the clinometer function accurately. The transit lock can be activated by sliding a small lever on the side of the case. The compass is accurate and finds North without any problem. This is a large compass since it measures 63mm in diameter. Very nice example of quality surveying compass. It would make a great gift.