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Code BA1210178614: Late 1700s English Brass Cased Compass

This is a very rare and unusual English compass made in the late 1700s. It comes in a brass case that is still in excellent condition for its age. No damage. It is unusually large when compared to other similar models. It measures 73mm in diameter and has 19mm thickness. Ideal to be displayed on a desk. The compass has a beautifully detailed dial. The long needle is blue and very well cut and has a cross bar at the North tip and a Fleur De Lys at the South tip. It has a crown shaped cap and finds North easily and precisely. Inside the back lid has a nice compass rose with hand written information original to the dial (signatures ?). The lid can be screwed onto the case. The flat round glass crystal that covers the compass is in excellent condition free of scratches or chips. This is a rare and quality compass that would make a great gift.