The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA12081963: Antique German Leather-Cased Thermometer and Compass, c. 1890


This is a unique and extremely rare thermometer and compass made around 1890. This date can be determined by the brown color of the leather case and also by the design of the dial. The leather covered wooden case is still in excellent condition for its age. No damage. It has a strong hinge, opens and closes properly by using the push button on the side. The compass and thermometer are in excellent working order. They are housed in a gilt metal case, in excellent condition, free of dings or dents. The compass has a transit lock that can be activated by rotating the bezel. You have to rotate it clockwise to block the needle and counter-clockwise to release the needle. The quality bar needle has a jeweled brass cap. The compass finds North precisely. The circular thermometer is also in excellent working order and allows reading temperature in Celsius degrees. The compass and thermometer are covered with a beveled flat glass crystal. Crystal and dial are in excellent condition. It measure 52mm in diameter and the external leather case measures 60mm in diameter. This is an extremely rare find and still in excellent condition.