The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA12040828: B.W.C. WWII Engraved Compass

This a nice WWII military compass made in London by B.W.C. It comes with a Silver plated case engraved MK VII B.W.C. 5181. The low serial number is an indication that WWII compasses were manufactured in much smaller numbers than those of WWI. It has also the military arrow /|\. Inside front lid it is marked 7239. The case is in excellent condition without dings or dents. The front lid springs open to a right angle when the button is pressed. It has a grey coloured metal bezel. The rotating dial is in excellent condition without any damage and retaining all its colours. The glass crystal is in excellent with an intact luminous arrow. The transit lock is also functional. The compass is accurate and pointing North easily. Diameter of the case is 47mm.