The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA12032338: Late 1800 Wooden German Sundial and Compass  

This a nice German sundial compass dating from around 1900. It is housed in a mahogany case still in nice condition with a strong hinge. There are some nicks in the wood around the crystal. The hooks are present and work fine to secure the lid when closed. The gnomon is yellow brass with a small bird that can be used as a pointer to numerals on the gnomon. It must be unfolded to read the solar time on the circular ring in the center of the glass crystal that covers the compass. The glass crystal and gnomon are in excellent condition without any damage. The compass has a flat needle and silver colored dial with some scratches but nothing serious. It points North with precision and there is a transit lock that comes into operation when the lid is closed. The size of this collectible is 73.5 mm square by 22.8 mm deep. Very rare and quality instrument.